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Guided Imagery 

Meditation is one of the most useful, easily accessible, ways to cope with situations out of our control.  Instead of saying "just relax" (if you're reading this, I'm sure you've heard this), here is a way to actually practice self care. 

I've included some personal favorites that are also popular with my clients.  Or, find your own that fits! A simple Youtube search with keywords mediation/fertility/guided imagery will get you tons of results to choose from. Happy meditating! 


Blogs are a great way to connect, learn from the experience of people in the same boat, and stop feeling like an alien (because, that's how we feel when NO ONE talks about fertility struggles). I've compiled a list of great blogs.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll understand, maybe you'll learn, but most importantly: you won't feel alone. 

  • makingofmaddie - an honest account of fertility struggle with sprinkles of smack-you-in-your-face hilarity that remind you you're not alone in this 

  • fightforfertility - smart and creative...check out the "M Day" page for, perhaps, the most relatable metaphor about struggling with fertility on mother's day

  • TTCsupportdaybyday - uplifting and encouraging without platitudes or generalities; she offers hope from a deep place of wisdom and experience 

  • rootedinourhearts - a grounded (or rooted!) look at pregnancy loss and struggling with fertility.  Check out the Law of Attraction section for some truths about the power of our energy manifesting in our lives. 

  • steppingintograce - you guys: this is a husband and wife team of bloggers!  What a great resource for remembering that our partner (you know, the other half of this equation) also has something to say

  • infertilityoutloud - you'll hear from licensed counselors about coping skills, normalizing emotions, and their own experiences with infertility  (ahem...I'm biased but I think this is a GREAT perspective!) 

  • sixw2s - you'll read about her fertility struggles but also the other parts of her ("camping, climbing, chaos" is the tagline) that make her interesting.  You know, there is more to us than our baby makers. 

  • theivfwarrior - you'll find blog entries, resources, coaching options, and TTC resources from a source who has been there and GETS IT!

  • livinginthewait - as the name implies, this awesome website focuses on how to live - thrive - laugh - love through the wait.  A wait that is unlike any other, but ripe with opportunities for beauty. 

  • alongroadtobaby - here is one fierce lady who has a lot to share.  A 5 year TTC veteran with an honest perspective on living with the highs and lows of fertility treatments. 

  • angelaandshane - high school sweethearts who made it through - and now have their 7th embryo safely in their arms.  A recounting of their process as they navigated through tough treatments and difficult decisions. 

  • catalogbabynovel - she writes brilliantly about "heartbreak, laughter, and hope".  Stay tuned for the novel (I'm already excited to dig into this one!)

  • preciousandpetite - part infertility journey, part home decor, part travel inspiration, part diy.  It's like the cutest pinterest/infertility blog hybrid.  And a breath of fresh air to think about pretty things!

  • makingbabiesinbrooklyn - seriously, a WEALTH of information about the ins and outs of IVF.  A fiesty voice joining other women who are "tired of white dudes making decisions about their bodies". Amen. 

  • thebunlessoven - witty, informative, light hearted, real account of her process going through egg donation.  This is such a unique perspective I'm so glad it's part of the inter-webs!

  • thegutlink - such an important resource for overall health AND infertility.  Hippocrates knew it long ago - "All disease begins in the gut".  Super informative and I love to go here, learn, and nerd out about gut health.  

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