Western PA Fertility Resources 

How to find a good therapist: 

- Ask about credentials.  Many therapists claim to specialize in a topic.  They should have evidence of ongoing trainings and education to back up their claims. 

- Request an initial meeting to assess fit.  Just as certain personalities "click", so do certain therapists and clients.  You have the right to see how you feel, then decide whether or not to continue working together.

- Remember that you are in charge.  If, after a few sessions, you are not getting what you need or not finding it helpful, SPEAK UP!  You counselor will either be able to adjust to meet your needs or refer you to a different counselor who might be a better fit. 

* Therapy is proven to be one of the most helpful resources for women and men dealing with fertility struggles.  Give it a shot!  There is a power in having your struggle witnessed, heard, processed, and honored. Plus, maybe you'll gain some good insights about how to be kind to yourself in the process.  You sure do deserve that.