• Ashley

Find Your Parachute

One morning, out of no where, I find myself free-falling. I'm in a panic and I can't breathe. I am powerless against the force of gravity pulling me down.

From the ground, people see me and they want to help. Oh my gosh, they want to help SO much. So with the best of intentions, they yell up:

"Just relax. It'll be fine once you relax."

"At least you are young enough, you can try again."

And I yell down:

"That's not helpful!!!"

Still not able to find my breath, still free-falling, I decide that I need to try something different. In an unlikely moment of clarity, I decide to put my panic aside for just a moment. Still falling, but not getting anywhere, I am able to look around. I notice that I'm wearing a parachute! This is news to me. In my panic, I did not realize it was there.

Curiously, I pull the string and I start to SOAR. I see the world in a way I never thought possible. My panic turns to amazement. Now I'm appreciating the fall.

I gently and safely land on the ground. Feeling enriched and powerful. Feeling the strength of my heart and the life in my veins. And now I have a secret. No one, including myself, could see this parachute. But now I've felt it so seeing it is less important. I know I can use and reuse this parachute when I need it. I realize that some people live their whole lives without ever getting to feel this built in safety net. If I would have spent my whole life on the ground, I would have never learned what it's like to soar.

From the ground, I look up and see others free-falling. And I want to help. I want to help SO bad. Since I've learned how to soar, I know that every one of us has a parachute ready to use. But when you're free-falling, it's hard to trust. While others will tell you: relax, drink wine, go on a vacation, be grateful, you're "young enough", I'll be helping you find your parachute.

Yours might look much different than mine. But, without a doubt, it's there. And knowing that is the gift this free-fall can offer you.

A different perspective, a new sense of strength, the ability to have this parachute with you over your whole life, the ability to SOAR.

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