• Ashley


Babymoon - "A relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born".

It's a thing. If you haven't taken one yourself, you likely know someone who has taken a babymoon in the last few years. Some couples go away for a weekend, some take a Caribbean vacation, whatever it takes to relax together before shit gets real.

Sometimes, though, shit gets real long before one welcomes a baby into their lives. It gets real when you sign up for blood draws, ultrasounds, heavy medications, injections, and a depleted bank account. So, I'm here to propose the idea of an IVFmoon.

IVFmoon- "A relaxing or romantic vacation taken by couples before science helps them become parents".

If there was a list of situations that deserve a heavy dosage of relaxation beforehand, I'd imagine IVF would be toward the top. Several weeks ago, we booked our IVFmoon. In fairness, we were already planning a vacation without regard to IVF. And now it seems, with impeccable timing, we'll be pulling the trigger on our IVF cycle shortly after we get back.

Travel is important to my husband and I. We've gone on some serious adventures together. Our trips as a family of 2 have been FUN! Over the past few years, we've always thought that the next time we traveled, we'd be plus one. Maybe it would mean less intense hikes, more breaks for naps (I wouldn't necessarily be mad at that), and a different type of vacation. That would be perfectly fine. We've looked forward to bringing a little one with us on our adventures and instilling the same love for travel and experience.

I've daydreamed about a pregnancy announcement from the top of a mountain we hiked. I pictured going to Italy and NOT drinking wine because I'm pregnant (which I've never had to do...I'll call that a tiny win). But vacations and years have come and gone.

Through the passage of time, it's become clear that IVF will be our path to having a child. My perpetually optimistic husband is holding out hope that we'll get a buzzer beater baby in the last seconds of the game. I'm 100% down with this kind of hope. But just in case, we're getting our IVF game faces ready.

I've been blown away by how much our online community has helped me through this season of infertility and I'll undoubtedly be posting updates as (or if) we get closer to IVF. In the meantime, here are some pics of the places we'll be trekking during our upcoming IVFmoon. I can't wait to share real pictures from our trip. Croatia and Italy, here we come.

Ciao, amici!

Lake Plitvice, Croatia

Dolomites, Italy

Rome, Italy