• Ashley

IVF- Where Faith Meets Science Fiction

Have you ever stopped to think about IVF? Like, really actually think about what it means? Outside of the cost/emotion/disbelief that you’re here/etc.

It’s some serious science fiction stuff straight out of the future. I was describing the process to someone who isn’t very familiar. While describing it, for the first time I really thought about the absolute absurd science that allows this to happen.

First, meds tell your stingy ovaries to release more than their fair share of eggs that month. Then a doctor goes in with a machine that can see inside your body and takes the microscopic eggs out in a tube. Next, a person in a lab force feeds 2 cells to each other. Ideally, they split and divide and become something much greater than just 2 cells. They become embryos, or in the infertility world, embabies. Then, they can FREEZE LIFE. Embabies with all the potential of becoming a living, breathing person can be held on ice. And while they’re at it, those people in the lab can check for genetic abnormalities and fix them. <mind blown>. Lastly, the embabies are thawed and inserted in a new, less frozen host where they continue their progression and life eventually breathes into them.

That’s the coolest part. All of this science that got these 2 cells as far as it did, and it still requires something of the Divine to breathe life. Something ancient that allows for a soul to join the cells. And when that happens, embabies who were once frozen become kids who play in the back yard, talk back to their parents, break a window playing outside, love to color, and have their very own story to write.

When you think about it, really stop and think, isn’t it the craziest thing?? Isn’t it a miracle in itself that we have this science to create a life when the conventional way isn’t working?? And isn’t it a bigger miracle that, at some point, a soul joins them and a spirit is breathed into them?? It’s actually quite unreal to think about.

Lately, I’ve been fluctuating between fear and excitement and stress (trying to coordinate long-distance with a fertility clinic is not always an easy task). Today, I’m enjoying the wonderment and awe-inspiring process before us. How lucky are we that we get to rely on science and faith? I'll call it another unexpected lesson.