• Ashley

To My Baby, In a Lab

Even though we haven't formally met you yet, we already know so much about you. Here'es what we can say:

~ You are headstrong. When everything around you said "no", you said "Why not?"

~ You are extraordinary. With the odds set against you, you thrive. Where ordinary stops, you keep going. That is your superpower.

~ You are intuitive. You were able to take pieces of life and gel them together. You didn't have instructions or a map. You just allowed yourself to be. I hope you will always allow yourself to be just as you are.

~ You are loved. Someday you'll realize the sheer amount of people holding their collective breath, waiting for you, praying for you, marveling at how extraordinary you are, craving YOU to be in their lives.

~ You are blessed. Ok so I don't always love that word (but that's a topic for a different day). But in this case, it's totally true. You were blessed the moment God chose and breathed life into your tiny cells in a quiet lab.

~ You are a fighter. You do not take "no" easily. Maybe you'll be like your mom in that way. You are strong and push through. Maybe you'll be like your dad in that way. But you've already proved you're a fighter in your own way.

So please, baby, keep fighting. Keep fighting knowing that once you're home, we will fight for you our whole lives. We will never stop believing in you. We won't be perfect and we'll definitely make mistakes. But we'll always fight for our family. Because we've already learned that from you ❤